P.O. Box 300384

Kansas City, Missouri 64130

Dear Troopers, Descendants, Associates, Friends, and Future Members,

We can hardly wait for you to get here.  Just know that the WELCOME mat is already out!  And, because we are located in the Heart of America, you are half way here.

This will be one reunion to remember!  First, allow us to emphasize that the whole family is encouraged to attend.  Special events are being programmed for K-12 and beyond.  Please bring our future troopers with you to the reunion.  They will be entertained, educated, and safe while you attend to the business of the association.

While lots of folk are talking about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), it will be the heart of our youth program.  If our troopers had iPads (lol) back in the day, they could have easily used bio-metrics to demonstrate how anatomy is conducive to a trooper and his horse’s running speed.  Our youth will learn a lot while having fun doing so.   Saturday afternoon, all attendees will be invited to observe our youth conduct group presentations of topics related to the history of Buffalo Soldiers through what they’ve learned in STEM.  And in the evening, while the adults attend the Trooper James G. Madison Grand Gala, our youth will be treated to a party of their own.

REGISTER EARLY early for the 151st Annual Reunion and stay at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel (use the direct link button on the registration page). Parking is free and hot breakfast is included with each registration for two adults and two youth.

Come early and stay awhile.  There is so much to see and do in the greater Kansas City – Leavenworth area.  Meanwhile, we’ll keep watch til you get here!




Trooper John ‘JR’ Bruce                                      Trooper Susie Gordon